Eating and Drinking at the Bear Winery in Lisbon!

Inspired by the Iberian and Mediterranean ingredients over the four seasons in Portugal, our family-run winery created a proposal based in routes of flavors to pair with the different sensorial profile of the brands we produce: greens for mineral wines, fish with citric wines, meat for intense wines… cheeses and smoked meat for reserve and fortified wines.

In this unique experience in a winery atmosphere, we combine the organoleptic dimension of our own wines with gastronomic ways where food is tangible and always made as you order, creating and redefining traditional dishes with the best Portuguese ingredients!

Right next to the restaurant we have a very special space, the Shoes N’ Booze Bar, with signature cocktails, bistro menu, live music and a fantastic collection of Port wines… Home to The Lisbon Walker shoes concept store, the atmosphere at Shoes N’ Booze is an unseen experience.